Sunday, 13 June 2010

A small note on my reviews (Please Read)

Firstly, I'm no Bey Logan. I'm really not. (I should point out, if you are wondering who Bey is, you're probably here by accident.) My reviews are written from the eye of a man who likes to be entertained, who likes his kung fu movies furious, fast and in most cases, bright and cheesy. I'm not talking blood, sweat and tears, I'm talking palms, staffs and whispy grey beards.
I imagine there will be a few kung fu elitists who will disagree with half of my thoughts on certain films, but they can almost never actually be pleased so i'll have to accept that you can't please people that melt cheese on to every meal they eat.
I haven't seen a thousand kung fu movies and I've genuinely only seen about 5 shaw brothers films. I'm not an expert on the thousands of colourful characters and legendary actors who have graced the hong kong movie industry, but I know enough.
The more I watch the more I learn I guess, so if I keep at it and waste enough time on wikipedia, then one day I can be the spartacus of an internet forum.
Enough intro, I hope you enjoy all the crap I post over the following months.

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