Thursday, 24 June 2010

Big Boss 2 - Just hurry up and share it

Another one of those probably terrible lost films that the odd foreign businessman boasts about on forums, but ultimately refuses to share with anyone.
I want to watch it though. Urgently.

I've always liked Bruceploitation films. Maybe because I saw so many when I was first exposed to kung fu films or maybe because they are always entertaining in a completely embarrassing way, but they are always entertaining. Well, most of the time.

So here we have a movie that is obviously low budget and clearly graced by a handful of terrible actors, most of whom where probably drunk or just forced to make this movie by a shady triad with a shiny briefcase. That doesn't matter though. It has gunfights on speedboats, fights in the infamous ice factory and Lo Lieh beating people up. Hell, even Bruce Le pops in to get his grubby payslip out of this ham fest.
It all sounds quite interesting if you ask me.

Oh wait, we probably won't ever see it though. Currently, the reels are hidden away in South Africa, brought by a collector and possibly sitting in a box somewhere, wasting away. Or maybe this collector loved the film so much that he has locked himself away in his basement, watching the film over and over on his projector, each viewing getting more exciting than the last.
Either way it doesn't seem like anyone has any intention of letting us fu fans enjoy this film, probably because they want to make too much out of it and know that a film like this is hardly going to make a dent on the film market.

A few months ago, over at the Kung Fu Cinema Forum a member of the forum claimed that he had a copy on a DVDR as he had already sold the reels and surprisingly, he was able to prove it.
He uploaded the first 10 minutes to youtube and finally everybody was able to get a good glimpse at this lost gem.
His view was that the film itself is considered very elusive and collectible as it was English dubbed and apparently as a businessman, this kind of rare holds a lot of weight and has a much higher value than a subtitled print.

So obviously, he is asked whether he would consider sharing a copy or maybe even selling a copy to another collector for a good price.
He just plain refused to consider anything.
What I don't get, is that this self labelled "businessman" doesn't think that it is worth him making yet more profit from this film and selling more copies or even one copy for a nice sum of money. Why not?!?!?! Surely he gains nothing just leaving it sitting around in his house, gathering dust and getting very little of the attention that it probably deserves.
I just plain don't understand the reasoning behind this.
Teasing bastard.

Here is a trailer to wet your appetite. Even though you won't get the main course.

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